Fitness Center

Belle Isle Golf Fitness


  • One-on-one and small group strength classes designed to add power, speed, mobility, and durability to any golfer's game set in a private studio gym at Belle Isle Golf Center.
  • We use specific strength and mobility exercises to evaluate each golfer during their first session. Once a baseline has been established, an individualized program is then generated.
  • Progress is determined by Key Performance Indicators (KPI) using Velocity Based Training (VBT) technology.
  • We use a variety of resistance training tools such as bands, barbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, and cable systems to train specific athletic movements including variations of squatting, hinging, pushing, pulling, lunging, rotating, and carrying.
  • For some athletes, plyometrics will be prescribed.
  • All athletes will be developing balance and stability while moving in all planes of motion.
  • Programs are created and taught by Mike Snyder, Strength Coach certified through NASM, ACE, TPI, Swing Man Golf, and Super Speed Golf.
  • Contact Mike Snyder for more information and pricing.
  • (586) 350-5288